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About Us

We are a full Service Real Estate Company with over 7 years in the industry. Besides helping you with the Buying and/or Selling process, we offer our expertise in Foreclosure Prevention/ Home Retention Services.

We provide Short Sale & Foreclosure assistance. Here at Casa Realty we are committed to giving you the help you need. If you are late with your payments or if you foresee that you will no longer be able to stay on time with your mortgage, WE CAN HELP.

Foreclosure Assistance Services

Depending on your unique financial Hardship, there are different programs that you as a Home owner could qualify for. Some programs will allow you to restructure your Mortgage and reduce your interest and Loan payments (Loan Modification), get into a Repayment Plan (Forbearance), settle your Mortgage Balance for a reduced set Lender amount (Settlement) or do a Short Sale of your Home.

The program that you ultimately qualify for will depend for the most part in your unique financial situation and on whether you desire to keep or sell your Home. Here at Casa, we will work with you, hand in hand, to analyze your income and expenses, the hardship you might be going through, current property value vs. outstanding mortgage, etc. With this information we will tailor a plan of attack on how to best help you solve your situation. No workout solution is the same, that’s why we are so successful; we assist you based on your personal circumstances and unique financial scenario.

Loan Modification

If we determine that a Loan Modification is the best approach, we will work with your Lender to reduce your mortgage payments and interest to an amount that you can afford. We do not charge in advance for the Loan Modification application. There are many programs available out there such as HAMP, General Attorney’s Modification program, In House Loan Modification, etc. Depending on whom is the owner (Government/ Investor) of your Mortgage you may have the possibility of applying for one or more of the programs mentioned before. A Loan Modification is not a guarantee and the approval or denial of any program is at your lenders discretion. Before we submit an application we will review your hardship, Income and Expenses information. We will not submit an application if we determine that you have a very little chance of getting approved. The consultation is Free.

Short Sale

A Short Sale is the Sale of your home at a sale’s price that has been approved by your Lender. If you are many years behind on your mortgage payments, if your house is under water (you owe more than what the house is worth), you were denied a Loan Modification, etc. A Short Sale may not be a bad choice for you. Short Selling your home will allow you to settle the loan with the bank and most of the times get a satisfaction of the debt in full. Generally, when we help you with a Short Sale, your lender will pay our commission and sometimes they will also pay for your attorney’s fee. This will help satisfy your home loan debt with fewer consequences than just walking away from the property.

Selling Your Home? Call us for a FREE Market Valuation. Let us help you get the right price for your home. Are you a first time home Buyer? There are many programs available to help you with down payments as low as 3.5%. Investment Services, we have a network of investors on call that are ready to pay cash for your property. This Real Estate Investment Service helps you get out of your home quickly. Also provided in our office: Translation Services (English to Spanish, Spanish to English), Fax & Copy, Immigration Services, etc.

Stopping a Foreclosure Sale Date

Depending on your situation, we may be able to stop the Foreclosure Sale of your home and work with the bank to either apply for a Home Retention program (e.g. Loan Modification) or Short Sale your house to avoid more detrimental consequences. Please call us for an appointment.

Investment Services

Need to sell your home right away? We have a network of investors on call that are ready to pay cash for your property. This Real Estate Investment Service helps you get out of your home quickly and without a hassle of getting a qualified Buyer and waiting for a Mortgage to be processed.